A Bad Experience at the Olde Pink House restaurant

We ate at this restaurant in Savannah, Georgia and wish we hadn’t. I am a travel writer and wanted to sample this place as it was highly recommended. It was … Continue Reading →

Tips for the disabled traveler at sea

My wife, Lorna, and I are especially attuned to the needs of disabled travelers, as we both have family members with special needs. My father was a diabetic for most … Continue Reading →

The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

Title: The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome Author: Tony Attwood Genre: Psychology Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers Release Date: 2006 Pages: 397 A guide to Asperger’s syndrome describes what it is … Continue Reading →

The Sociopath Next Door

Title: The Sociopath Next Door Author: Martha Stout Genre: Psychology Publisher: Harmony Release Date: 2005 Format: hardback Pages: 241 Examines the sociopaths–individuals with an antisocial personality disorder who possess no … Continue Reading →

How to Cope With Bullying

Bullies can be anyone. They vary from ordinary people who bully to achieve personal goals, strive for promotions, impress their managers or put you down because they see you as … Continue Reading →

How Workplace Bullying Affects People

The target of bullying may suffer from or experience a great number of symptoms all of which result from his or her treatment at work. The events taking place in … Continue Reading →

What is Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying is like bullying on the playground except that it occurs in the workplace. It usually involves verbal comments and incidents that are intended to hurt, harass, isolate, intimidate, … Continue Reading →

Buying or selling real estate in Spain

Spain is probably no different from other foreign countries where there are unique laws and things are done in ways that are unlike the ways they are done at home.  … Continue Reading →

Don’t pay extra for seats on Air France

This is a waste of time and money. We did this on a recent flight from Paris to Toronto, paying $108 US extra for seats in the emergency exit row … Continue Reading →

Beware of flying Air Canada Rouge

We’ve flown Air Canada many times but never again. We flew from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale and return on Air Canada Rouge and hated it. The seats on our plane … Continue Reading →