The Spanish Watchtowers

There are many watchtowers along the coast of Southern Spain built to watch for pirates and other invaders from the South. The pirates attacked shipping and often conducted land raids … Continue Reading →

Malaga Auto museum

This museum opened in 2010 and houses the private collection of Portuguese car fanatic Joao Magalhães. Worth more than 25 million euros it is one of the most important vintage … Continue Reading →


The first stop in continental Europe on our cruise was Malaga, Spain. We know the city well and Cruise Plus, the agency we had booked through, asked us to give … Continue Reading →

The Last Flamenco

Last night we went to a professional (as opposed to tourist) flamenco performance in the Casa Del Cultura in Almunecar. I like flamenco. Lorna does not. I enjoy the dancing, … Continue Reading →

The Ill-fated Nispero Festival

We have had a couple of unusual adventures, (there is always something  strange going on here.  A few days ago we decided to go to the First Annual Nisperine Fiesta in Otivar.  We … Continue Reading →

A Musical Evening

The weather in Spain has been very strange this year, alternating between lovely hot sunny days and cold, rainy and extremely windy days when we needed a fire. However, this … Continue Reading →

Lunch at the Beach with the Dogs

We escape part of the Canadian winters each year by going to Spain. Over the years we have encountered many examples of the way things are done there and have … Continue Reading →

Going to the chapel in Spain

We really ought to have known better than to accept the invitation, but we did. We had gone on walks with Barb and Paul and had learned that what they … Continue Reading →

Almost Buying a car

I didn’t like Thomas right from the first time I met him. Even though he spoke four languages and Don said that he was OK, he seemed too smooth and … Continue Reading →