1. Table of Contents

Table of Contents Adventures in Spain Building the villa                                                            Paying taxes in Spain                                                   Damages at Casa Loma                                               Dealing with Officials in Spain                                           Building the lower terrace                                              Building our Apartment                                                  Keeping … Continue Reading →

2. Adventures in Spain

In 1986 we did something crazy but wonderful. We built a villa in Spain. We didn’t know the area, we didn’t speak Spanish and our friends thought we were mad. … Continue Reading →

3. Building the villa

It seems ridiculous to say that we never intended to build a villa, but that’s really what happened. No one talked us into it. No high pressure was applied and … Continue Reading →

4. Paying Taxes in Spain

The villa is built and we are enjoying it immensely. However I had to find out how to pay the property taxes and how much they would be. I knew … Continue Reading →

5. Damages at Casa Loma

Over the years we have had many visitors to the villa. We have loaned it to friends and rented it to others. We are often asked about how people treat … Continue Reading →

6. Dealing with Officials in Spain

I learned something today and something else yesterday. Apparently, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Today I learned that you should never go to a  Spanish bank on … Continue Reading →

7. Building the lower terrace

The villa sits at the top of our lot and the lot extends down in front almost to the road below. There is a deep gully and then the lot … Continue Reading →

8. Building our Apartment

We knew that the villa was built on the top edge of a hill and that it was essentially hollow underneath. What we didn’t know was how large the area … Continue Reading →

9. Keeping House in Spain According to Lorna

A brief update on our adventures so far.  We were dismayed to find after the last few uncrowded flights that we have taken recently, that every seat on our Lufthansa … Continue Reading →

10. Going to the chapel in Spain

We really ought to have known better than to accept the invitation, but we did. We had gone on walks with Barb and Paul and had learned that what they … Continue Reading →