About John

john-on-douro-cruiseI have eclectic interests. They include travel, psychology, books, people, coping and crisis, renovating houses, living in other countries and many other things. I’ve written about these topics and friends find them amusing and interesting. They’ve been after me for some time to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences, so I decided to blog. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

My background involves psychology, teaching at every level from elementary to graduate school, university administration, management consulting, living and working in five countries, visiting more than eighty and taking far too many pictures. My wife Lorna and I divide our time between our homes in Canada and travel. We visit places throughout the world and I write about our experiences. As a psychologist I am fascinated by people and why they do what they do, different cultures and the funny side of life. People are stranger than anyone and our sons say that we know very few normal ones; something we take as a compliment. I have written many articles and have posted them here. I’ll add new ones as time and travels permit.

I’ve recently added a section for book reviews. I read several books a week and am always on the watch for something new and interesting.  I often come across a really good book and these are the ones I’ll review. I haven’t decided on whether I will include non fiction or not.

I’m adding another section of stories and articles about me. This came about because of  a gift I received from my daughter-in-law Traci. She gave me something called Story Worth which requires me to answer a different question about my life every week. The topics have made me reflect on my past and the things I have done. Some of the articles are very interesting and I have decided to share them. I hope you find them enjoyable.

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