What are some of your family traditions?

I started our Christmas tradition about 70 years ago. In 1948 I bought my mother a pair of Christmas candles at a nearby Woolworth store. They were in the shape of a pair of red boots trimmed with white fur similar to the ones worn by Santa. I remember that I paid 10 cents each for them. That was the beginning and every year after that I bought her another pair. This went on for years and the collection grew and grew. I continued the practice after I got married and our two sons repeated it each year until my mother died. The collection passed on to Lorna and I and David and Mark gave us a new pair every year.

By now the collection was so big that we could not put it all on display each year but articles about it appeared in several newspapers.

We never lit any of the candles and wrapped them up carefully at the end of the holidays. One year however we stored them in a cupboard above a light bulb that was left on and a few of the candles melted. Lorna and David found replacements for the ones that were ruined and the tradition carried on.

The collection continued to grow and now numbers more than 160 candles. We decided to split them up between our sons this year giving one of every pair to each of them. At this point David photographed each pair, carefully labeled the year it was given and created a photo book of the entire collection. Mark will get his half this Christmas.

The plans are that the boys will alternate adding to the collection each year and that the collection and tradition will continue for many years in the future.




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