Niagara Falls Canada – Beautiful and Ugly

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s greatest sights. The falls are magnificent and breathtaking. The Canadian side is considered to be more natural and attractive than the American side as much of the beauty has been protected and maintained by a large National Park whereas the American side is industrial and crowded in comparison.
We live in Canada and have visited and enjoyed the falls at various times. Each season brings its own delights and we and our guests have never tired of the experience. However my wife and I visited the falls recently and we won’t go again. Much of it was more beautiful than we remembered but surrounding city has been turned into the ugliest expanse of horrible tacky commercialism we have seen anywhere.
The National Park and the Niagara Parkway are spectacular. The falls are gorgeous, the grounds are lovely and gracious and the walks along the river overlooking the river and cataracts are attractive and appealing. The parkway is one of the oldest in Ontario and dates back to 1908. It stretches for 55 Km and passes through several villages and attractions along the river. Each one is charming and as British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill said when he visited, the Niagara Parkway is the “prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world.” However this only serves to make the City of Niagara Falls pale in comparison.
We visited in December during the Festival of Winter Lights and were delighted to see the trees, bushes and buildings near the falls decked out in colourful decorations. It was a magnificent, peaceful wonderland. Unfortunately we passed through the downtown area on our way to our hotel. It was a ghastly, horrible area of hideous ticky tack. Tourist traps, garish neon signs and every form of cheap commercialism abounds. No one should have allowed this to happen and the city officials who did so should be embarrassed and driven out of office.
We won’t return and will advise our guests to avoid the downtown. It is a shame that the city has created this mess. We are glad that we visited when we did before they destroyed the beauty that was there.


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