1. Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Adventures in Spain
  3. Building the villa                                                           
  4. Paying taxes in Spain                                                  
  5. Damages at Casa Loma                                              
  6. Dealing with Officials in Spain                                          
  7. Building the lower terrace                                             
  8. Building our Apartment                                                 
  9. Keeping house in Spain According to Lorna                  
  10. Going to the chapel                                                      
  11. How not to buy a spa
  12. A Note from Lorna                                                       
  13. The new spa arrives                                                    
  14. Almost Buying a car in Spain                                        
  15. Back after a nice time away                                         
  16. We bought a car                                                          
  17. Rock slides and deep fryers                                         
  18. Travels in Spain                                                           
  19. Building the terrace                                                      
  20. Table Tales                                                                 
  21. Sightseeing Barcelona on a segway                             
  22. Learning Spanish                                                         
  23. Back after a nice time away                                         
  24. Building our Apartment                                                 
  25. Buying a new washing machine                                    
  26. They are building a house beside us                             
  27. Cruising the Mediterranean and back to Spain              
  28. Musical evenings                                                         
  29. Getting here is definitely not half the fun                       
  30. Robberies, friends and hospitals                                   
  31. The Motril carnival, the internet and hot tub problems.  
  32. We foil a robbery and have a good meal                       
  33. Excursions in Extramadura                                          
  34. Lunch at the Beach with the Dogs                                
  35. Guests, car trouble and car boot sales                         
  36. Neruda, new events, new people                                  
  37. More travels in spain                                                    
  38. We get hit by lightning                                                  
  39. With Bill and Shelia in the Lecrin valley                         
  40. Using the Spanish Health Care System                        
  41. Why can’t we have normal experiences                        
  42. The non existing nispero festival                                   
  43. Teaching English in Spain                                            
  44. You can’t get there from here                                       
  45. Inland from the coast                                                   
  46. Our week away                                                            
  47. Our bare bothersome neighbours and the beeper bird   
  48. The Spanish Watchtowers
  49. Belmonte Castle
  50. Our Last Flamenco
  51. Seeing Spain from a Luxury Train
  52. Buying or selling real estate in Spain
  53. Looking back over thirty years                                      

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