Idle thoughts on Self-isolation

My wife and I are fine, self-isolated and somewhat bored but healthy. Like many others we are hearing from friends and relatives we haven’t connected with for a very long time. Everyone seems fine. No one is sick and we are older and do not have anyone in an old age home – thank goodness.

We have read a lot (thank goodness for the internet) and I have most of the little jobs I was ignoring and my wife Lorna has reorganized shelves and cupboards and tidied things that I would have ignored. We live in Waterloo, Ontario in a duplex we share with our son David. Were all very careful and wash frequently and get groceries via pick up a local store. However we will probably go to our house in Owen Sound at the end of the month where we will be able to self-isolate with fewer people while not going out or seeing anyone.

I suddenly remembered my blog and belatedly answered a few people. Needless to say we haven’t travelled anywhere but I will post a note telling about our adventures cruising the Bahamas and visiting snowbirds in Florida. Never again.

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